Raw Meaty Bone % Chart

I’ve spent weeks if not months trying to find all the bone % in cuts.
To make life easier I have made a chart, all these bones are safe to feed.
Use your own judgement, as to what bone size is suitable for your pet.

If your pet is a gulper or you are feeding bone for the first time you may worry about your pet swallowing the bone whole.
If this applies to you,  you can hold the bone until you’re comfortable for your pet to eat the bone cut on it’s own, alternatively you can crunch the bones inside (for instance a wing or drumstick) by hitting it with a hammer.

Obviously there are more bone cuts that can be fed other than the ones mentioned in the chart above, though same principles will apply for those.
E.G all heads are roughly 75% bone, a goose foot will be counted the same as a duck foot etc.

Additional Note:
Only ever feed raw bones, never cooked or other wise processed, these can splinter and cause injuries.

Never feed weight bearing bones like knuckle bones or leg bones.
Due to their density they can cause teeth to break, not only that they can splinter and then cause internal damage, in addition, due to the density of these types of bone, they can not always be broken down properly.
If you do want to give weight-baring/  knuckle bones, give them as a recreational treat whilst supervised.
Once they’ve scraped off the meat remove the bone.
You can either save the bones till you have enough to make a broth or you can throw them in the bin

The best bones to feed are the softer more palatable bones, like the ones ,emtioned in the chart