Feeding raw bones to your pets: facts & fiction

By Dr Bruce Syme webinar
Streamed live on May 14, 2014

Raw bones have incredible nutritional value to your pet. They are a natural and highly-digestible source of calcium, play a vital role in dental hygiene and they cleanse your pet’s digestive tract

Personal edit
Personally I would only feed raw bones to raw fed dogs, reason for this is because the PH levels of the stomach in a raw fed dog is between 1 and 2, as in kibble fed dogs the PH level is between 3 and 5.
The lower PH level means that the acidity of the stomach is higher enabling bone to be broken down and digested and avoiding bacteria to form colonies.
Due to bacteria not being able to settle and form colonies (grow) they will not cause any problems for a healthy raw fed dog as where the same bacteria can be a cause for major health problems in kibble fed dogs.
Also weight baring bones like knuckle bones and or leg bones are a no no.
Due to their density they can cause for teeth to break, not only that they can splinter and cause internal damage in addition that due to the density can not always be broken down properly, so the best bones to feed are the softer more palatable bones.