Why Feed Raw?

Dogs, cats, ferrets and other are carnivores, do not produce the right enzymes to be able to break down fruit,vegetables and grains enough to get the nutritional value from them

Raw feeding is not a fad (as some call it).

Our pets have lived on a raw diet for thousands of years and thrived
Commercial pet food like kibble has only been about for roughly 100 years and pets now are suffering from many health issues of which some can be credited to commercial pet food.

The Pet food industry has been adding fruit, vegetables and grains to their products as cheap fillers to make the production process cheaper, they then add artificial vitamins and minerals to mimic a balanced diet, due to the nutritional values of the raw ingredients deplete during the manufacturing (cooking) process.

As a pet owner we have been made to believe that this is how it should be and that’s what our beloved pets should eat.

My opinion is that commercial pet food has only been about for roughly the past 100 years, prior to that we fed our pets table scraps and before that raw meat.

In some countries/cultures humans never gave up on feeding their animals raw and still do so, think of sled dogs.
Even though the majority being working dogs, these animals are healthier compared to a lot of our pets.

There is a very informative documentary in regards to the pet food industry and vets which is called “Pet Fooled” it can be found on Netflix and YouTube.
I found it to be a real eye opener and a must watch for pet owners.

As carnivores are not designed to break down fruit,vegetables and grains it can lead to many health issues, like allergies/ skin problems, gum disease, tooth decay and the list goes on, see our Health & Info tab

So what are the advantages of feeding raw
Your pet will thank you as you’re feeding them a species appropriate diet, meaning they get all the nutrients from their food which they need to survive and thrive.

  • Smaller poo’s
  • Whiter teeth, free of tartar and thus less chance of dental disease
  • No smelly breath and or coat
  • Shiny, softer coats
  • No flaky skin and itch-free.
  • Chronic (food) allergies and infections reduce and/or disappear
  • Improved energy and more focussed without being hyper
  • Less vet visits

And in my case looking forward to meal times.

Just to show you an example of what Raw can do for your pet:
I have asked this pet owner’s permission to share her post showing the transformation in her dog in just 2 weeks of raw feeding
Tiffany Deese-Priest

Y’all i was gonna wait until we were a month into the raw feeding but i couldn’t. We have struggled with Elvis’ skin for a year. Tons of vet visits, tons of money spent and $80 bags of limited ingredient dog foods. TWO weeks on raw and look at his skin and ears😍 We have added kifer daily and also Yucca Intensive as recommended by others on this site. I am so pleased and so excited for Elvis. He had finally stopped itching and his hair is coming back! Thanks to everyone who helped me in starting this process! We will NEVER go back!

A 2 year and 9 months old Pappilion (owner Kerrie Ney Hoover)
The 2 top photo’s were taken about a week after we got Mickey.
He arrived Thanksgiving weekend 2017.
He had been eating ground raw as he could not chew anything.
It hurt is mouth.
The Bottom photo’s
January 5th 2018 the transformation is amazing.
He still may need some dental work but we are going to wait a little while before we make any decisions.

Lilly the Service Chihuahua (owner Dan Malone)
Lilly was adopted by Dan Malone and she’s gone through some massive transformations, she had bold patches, dull coat and was always very bloated.
Now she has fur on places she never had any, her coat is more colourful,not bloated and has gained muscle mass

Lilly has her own Facebook page where she tells her story how from being a dog in rescue she’s become a service dog helping her lovely owner where she can
Not Bloated anymore

More Mucle tone and defenition

Got a tuck now

Hair has grown back and more vibrant in colour

There is however a lot of scaremongering when it comes to raw feeding.
Think of myths like raw food makes an animal blood thirsty and aggressive.
I said myth as that is all it is. Has your dog ever licked you when you had a wound? If so, did it make him aggressive towards you?
You’ll probably have answered yes to the first and no to the 2nd, your pet will know the difference between food and a living being. Eating raw meat doesn’t all of a sudden make them chase your cat, chickens or other. If a dog has a high prey drive it will chase, if a dog hasn’t and is well socialised with other animals it will be the same regardless of what type of food you feed.

Raw food causes bacteria to be passed on easily,
Again a myth/ fiction. Your pets saliva doesn’t become more contaminated due to feeding raw, and thus will not pass on any more bacteria than what it did before.

Raw feeding your pet makes him ill and give them things like campylobacter or e coli.
If you maintain a standard hygiene regime and clean bowl, utensils and work surfaces used, there is just as much risk of them contracting anything as with preparing your own food.
There have been  less reported recalls on raw pet food than what there has been on kibble, which to me, all the kibble recalls is a worry in itself.
Also little do people realise that a lot of pets have contracted ecoli through kibble in addition that ecoli infections are often for instance passed on through your pet’s coat.
Commercial raw food suppliers freeze the food straight from the source, so that any parasites that are present are killed and bacteria don’t get a chance to grow.